Privacy Policy

We don’t store your personal data, ever.

By using the DayCount Application, you confirm that you agree to the Terms of this Privacy Policy.

All your events, streaks and other related information that you input into the DayCount Application remain private on your device.

However, if you contact us through the application, we will see your name, email address and some usage statistics. Your information is only to assist us in providing customer support to you and won’t be added to a mailing list (we don’t have one) or sold to a third-party company.

If you wish, you may email us at to remove your name and email address from our inbox.

If you’re wondering why we don’t have a gigantic privacy policy, it’s because we don’t need it. We intend to provide DayCount as a high-quality Application available for purchase, not as a vehicle to collect personal information for commercial purposes. As a result, the business model for DayCount does not benefit from your personal information as we don’t derive a profit from your privacy, but through the purchase the Application.